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161x161_merlinMerlin has a large – and enclosed – rear counter – the area where the steerer operates from – with seating, which makes for a sociable layout.

With space for eleven people, including the skipper, and the usual amenities of fully-fitted kitchen with everything you’d need, a full size-gas cooker and oven, full-sized sink with hot and cold running water, and fridge.

There are two four-berth cabins, two single berth saloons, and one single berth in the skipper’s cabin.

Merlin’s saloon area has fitted seats along one side, with stools the other, so it’s possible to move from one end of the boat to the other, even whilst the tables are in place – this is a great feature with young people on board: no more clambering along seats or under tables!

Merlin’s counter can be seen here: there’s room for a steerer on the exposed counter, and room for 2-3 more people standing or sitting in the more enclosed area right in front. In addition, there are grab rails either side to make getting on or off the boat easy.


Moving down into the cabin, we come to the Steerer’s cabin – this is where any HNA-supplied steerer will sleep. This comprises of the bunk, with storage underneath, and the electrical controls for the boat. The water heater and airing can also be found here.

Adjacent to the Steerer’s cabin is one of two toilets – this one has a fully-functioning shower. All toilets are standard flushing model, operated by a foot pedal. Toilet waste is stored in tanks underneath, and are sufficient for 5+ days cruising with ten people on board.

Next is the red cabin and the blue cabin, each of which sleep four people. There is a door between the two cabins, as well as between the red cabin and the steerer’s cabin, for privacy.




Passing another flushing toilet, we reach into the galley area, which is fully-equipped with full-size sink, full-size cooker and over, as well as a fridge. It goes without saying there is hot and cold running water as well. You will also find a range of cooking utensils, as well as pots, pans, cutlery and plates, mugs, glasses, etc. We even supply a kettle!


Finally, we get to the saloon area, which is shown here with one of the two tables in place. There’s storage under the seating area, which is long enough for two adults to sleep.

Finally, if you go through the door at the front of the boat, you come into the well-deck area, which has seating for four adults, and is an ideal place to enjoy a quiet cruise along the canal.

At the very front of the boat is the gas locker and water tank filler (with hose).