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CCBM Refresher

If you hold a CCBM certification, issued by the NCBA, you should be aware that these are only valid for five years from date of issue. In recent months, HNA has had to decline hire of our boats, due to the expiry of a hirer’s CCBM certification, and so we’re now pleased to announced that we’re running CCBM Refresher Training on a regular basis throughout the year.

Each course lasts approximately four hours, and will see see a maximum of six candidates experience a number of mooring, departure, lock and winding opportunities. This, coupled with a high-level of safety theory, will allow HNA’s experienced NCBA trainers to determine, very quickly, whether the candidate’s skills are still up to the CCBM standard, or whether there is a need for referral for a follow-up CCBM course.

Should a candidate be referred for a follow-up CCBM course, that course is discounted by the amount paid for the Refresher training, if that CCBM course is taken within 12 months and with HNA.

The course begins at 10.00 from HNA’s Boathouse in Harefield, with a safety briefing, before heading through to Rickmansworth. At each lock, the steerer will utilise his/her crew – the other candidates – to moor the boat, disembark, and then give a lock briefing, as you would any other group. The lock is turned, and a new steerer takes over, to repeat the process at the next lock.

Lunch is available from Tesco in Rickmansworth, and will be an opportunity to work through some of the safety theory, before returning to HNA’s Boathouse, by which point, every candidate will have had a chance to lock, moor, set-off, wind and deliver safety briefings. Candidates will be assessed against the NCBA CCBM checklist, progress discussed, and a conclusion reached with each candidate on whether a renewal or referral is appropriate.

The course should finish around 14.00.

  • Dates (click to book): June 4th, August 6th or September 3rd, 2017
  • Cost: £50/person, which includes the NCBA re-certification fee.
  • Lunch: Not included, but we’ll stop at Tesco for you to purchase food/drink at lunchtime

Important: You need to have a valid CCBM Certificate, or one which has expired in the previous 3 months, to attend this course. Other certifications, such as BHC (Boat Handling Certificate), CBLP (Community Boat Leadership Programme) or RYA certifications, are not valid for this CCBM Refresher.