Trustees are the life-blood of a charity. They’re the people who make the decisions which affect the day to day running of the organisation, and plan the activities which need to happen for the charity to achieve it’s aims and objectives. Accountable in law, they have certain statutory obligations – the UK Government has produced a guide called ‘The Essential Trustee‘ which goes into this in detail.

HNA’s trustees, and their roles, as at January 2016, are:

  • paul_boakesPaul Boakes – Responsible for design and delivery of HNA’s training, including the course materials, planning and coordination of the training courses, and making sure everything is in place for each training course that we run. Also maintains the website, HNA’s social media activities (Facebook, Twitter) and the systems which handle ticket sales for the various events that HNA run throughout the year. Paul’s background is IT Operations consulting, and he brings a lot of the ‘systems-type’ skills to HNA, so that we do things in a productionised, repeatable way.
  • Anne Daniels – Manages our bookings and sales, making sure that prospective customers are matched with available boats, handles deposits, booking fees and refunds, and makes sure that any booking requiring a trained steerer has one from our pool of volunteers.
  • loraineLoraine Grainger – Chairman of the charity, Loraine has certain statutory obligations, and works on our grant applications, fundraising and networking, whilst working with our partner organisations (Canal & River Trust, National Citizens’ Service, Duke of Edinburgh, Princes Trust, etc) to connect them with the waterways. Her background is in scouting; she’s also on the committee of the National Community Boats Association, where she looks after fundraising.  Loraine can be found in or near the office most days.
  • grahamGraham Griffiths – I have been with HNA of a couple of years and my role as volunteer coordinator is one of liaison on our very successful volunteer days and other events. Having gained my CCBM with HNA, I have taken a number of groups out as a steerer over the past year. As a trustee I feel that I will be able bring to the team the experience of a different background of boating, (mainly one of holiday / pleasure), and present a new view of our customer’s needs and wants.
  • Lesley Griffiths – My first experience of narrowboating was in the 1970s when I enjoyed a holiday which included the Llangollen Canal. After a gap, events in recent years have brought me back to the canals and the discovery of HNA and its activities. In 2015 I gained my CCBM and have been involved with a number of day trips, festivals and other volunteer activities for HNA in the last couple of years. I am writing for and editing HNA’s new-style newsletter.
  • barry_holland_2Barry Holland – Mainly involved in volunteer steering, especially the annual school residential trip for Hillside in Northwood and Santa weekends. Hopefully more day trips as Spirit comes back online. A few years back it wasn’t unusual for me to steer for a different group every day of the week, but then there weren’t too many steerers available! First got interested in HNA whilst still in the fire brigade, serving for 30 years. The fire brigade shift system gave me plenty of time off.  My first narrowboat trip was in 1985 on the River Wey. I’ve covered a fair bit of the system on my own boat as well but there’s still plenty left to do. My love of quizzing & quizzes generally led me to hold several for HNA as a way of raising funds and for people to enjoy a convivial evening.
  • huntleyPaul Huntley – Paul manages our relationship with scouting groups across the country, delivering training to group leaders, and making sure that we’re heard in the scouting community.
  • Emile Sanguy – Responsible for our DBS/CRB vetting, Emile ensures that all our team – which includes a huge number of volunteer steerers – hold a valid and up to date DBS certificate.
  • steelAndy Steel – Andy is our technical expert, and makes sure that the electrical systems on our boats are safe and working. He also looks after our VHF radio equipment, and with a background in scouting, makes sure that our activities are closely aligned with scouting’s POR. Andy joined us from Tideway Adventurers, the original group which once owned Theo and Merlin.

In addition to the above, we also have an Operations Manager who runs HNA on a day to day basis along with a number of other short-term staff and volunteers:

  • daveDave Wright – with many years boating experience, Dave is our Operations Manager, and makes sure our boats are fit for purpose, repaired and cleaned; he’s the face of HNA to many of our customers, and deals with the daily operation of running the charity. Dave’s knowledge of the canal network helps to ensure that HNA is well-represented among the many other waterway user groups.